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Use the docs for the published version of Bamboo. Bamboo is part of the thoughtbot Elixir family of projects. See the docs for the most up to date information. We designed Bamboo to be simple and powerful. If you run into anything that is less than exceptional, or you just need some help, please open an issue.

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In addition to this guide, check out the free Bamboo screencast from DailyDrip. It is a wonderful introduction to sending and testing emails with Bamboo. It also covers some of the ways that Bamboo helps catch errors, how some of the internals work, and how to format recipients with the Bamboo. Formatter protocol. Bamboo separates the tasks of email creation and email sending. To use Bamboo, you'll need to define one or more email modules email creation , define a mailer module email sending , and provide some configuration.

In addition to the keyword syntax above you can also compose emails using pipes. To send emails, define a mailer module for your application that use s Bamboo's mailer. Your configuration will need to know your otp application, your mailer module, the adapter you are using, and any additional configuration required by the adapter itself.

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Other adapter-specific configuration may be required. Be sure to check the adapter's docs. Now that you have configured Bamboo and defined your modules, you can deliver email in fitting places within your application. Your application is now set up to send email with Bamboo! An adapter is a set of instructions for how to communicate with a specific email delivery service. Bamboo ships with support for several popular services , there are others made available by the community, or you can use other services by writing a custom adapter.

Bamboo provides adapters for use in development and testing. To use these adapters, declare them in the environment configuration. The local adapter stores emails in memory that can be viewed during development.

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Declare its use in your dev environment. The test adapter sends emails to your running process allowing you to test mail delivery without emails being sent externally. Declare its use in your test environment. You can create new adapters for any environment by implementing the Bamboo. Adapter behaviour. Often times you don't want to send email right away because it can block process completion e. It also provides a Bamboo. DeliverLaterStrategy behaviour that you can implement to tailor your background email sending. This strategy sends the email right away, but does so in the background without linking to the calling process, so errors in the mailer won't bring down your app.

You can also create custom strategies by implementing the Bamboo.

DeliverLaterStrategy behaviour. For example, you could create strategies for adding emails to a background processing queue such as exq or toniq. In addition to creating emails with keyword lists you can use pipe syntax to compose emails.

This is particularly useful for providing defaults e. The from, to, cc and bcc addresses can be a string or a 2 element tuple. What happens if you try to send to a list of MyApp. User s? Transforming your data structure each time you send an email would be a pain. Bamboo alleviates this pain by providing the Bamboo.

By implementing the protocol for your data structure once, you can pass that struct directly to Bamboo anywhere it expects an address. See the Bamboo. Email and Bamboo.

Formatter docs for more information and examples. WHO WE ARE From our beginnings as early adopters of blogging and social media, our evolution over ten years represents our passion for crafting engaging content and conversations for our clients. Content Creation Grow your online presence with relevant and engaging content crafted for your social media, blog, website and newsletters.

How can we help you? Lower values will result in faster tests, but may incorrectly pass if an email is delivered after the timeout. Often times 1ms is enough. Test View Source Helpers for testing email delivery.

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Note on sending from other processes If you are sending emails from another process for example, from inside a Task or GenServer you may need to use shared mode when using Bamboo. For most scenarios you will not need shared mode.

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Mailer , adapter : Bamboo. TestAdapter Unit test You don't need any special functions to unit test emails. EmailTest do use ExUnit. Email do import Bamboo. EmailDeliveryTest do use ExUnit. Case use Bamboo.


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